Monday, August 8, 2011

Deadly Arcus 94 and 98 DA

Army and Weapons | Deadly Arcus 94 and 98 DA | The Arcus pistol was developed by the Bulgarian company Arcus in 1994. It is another FN / Browning "High Power" (GP-35) clone, very well made and with slight cosmetic improvements. Four years later, Arcus has developed a derivative of the model 94, called Arcus 98 DA. This model is identical to the 94, but has a double action instead of leading a Single Action, and additional automated firing pin safety. Arcus 94 is made for civilian market and is widely exported. Arcus 98 DA was approved by the Bulgarian army and the police as a standard pistol, and sold for export.
Both the Arcus 94 and 98 are recoil operated, locked breech pistols that use tipping barrel with two lugs that lock into recesses on the bottom of the slide. To lock and unlock the slide, barrel uses a cam under the chamber, that interacts with the frame. The axis of the slide stop is also used as a takedown pin, and when the slider is removed to stop, slide, barrel and recoil spring can be removed from the frame.
Arcus 94 features High-Power style, single action trigger with external hammer, manual safety, mounted on the left of the frame, slide and magazine release safety torque, which does not allow gun fire when slide is not completely closed. The frame and the slide of the Arcus pistols are made of steel, and different finishes are available as well as polymer or wooden grip panels. Sights ususally are of fixed type, fitted into the slide, with three white dots for better target acquisition.
Arcus 98 is very similar to the Arcus 94, except for trigger and magazine capacity. Arcus 98DA has a double action trigger with external hammer. It features the same frame mounted safety, with optional safety symmetrical handles, and extra firing pin safety. Magazine capacity of Arcus 98 is increased by 2 rounds and 15 rounds plus one in the room.
All Arcus pistols are reported as comfortable to use, very reliable and durable. They may look a little conservative at the age of light alloys, polymers and others will be hi-tech gadgets, but reasonable degree of conservatism never hurt in my opinion.

Arcus 94 Arcus 98
Type: Single Action Double Action  
Chamber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight unloaded: 970 g 950 g
Length: 203 mm 203 mm
Barrel length: 118.5 mm 118.5 mm
Capacity: 13 rounds 15 rounds