Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deadly Bersa Thunder 380

Army and Weapons | Deadly Bersa Thunder 380 | Introduced in the late 1990s by the Argentinean firearms manufacturer Bersa SA, the Thunder 380 is a lightweight, relatively small semi-automatic pistol chambered in .380 ACP caliber popular.
Preceded by Bersa Modelo SA 383, 383 DA Modelo, Modelo 83, and 95 Series, the Thunder 380 Bersa is part of the current product line-up, that the Thunder 22, 22-6 Thunder, Thunder 32, Thunder 380 Super , 9 Thunder, Thunder Mini 9, Mini Thunder 40, Thunder and Mini 45. A variety of types sold by another manufacturer, Firestorm SGS New Jersey, where the gun is made from parts manufactured by Bersa and marketed as the "Firestorm 380. An even lighter version of the Thunder 380, dubbed the "Hidden Carry 'model, was also released by Bersa in the United States.
The Thunder 380 is a lightweight aluminum alloy frame for lighter weight easier to carry, but the gun still has enough mass (weight) to help tame recoil. The backlash, fixed-barrel design theoretically AIDS accuracy, and it appears that the vast majority of the Thunder 380 users reported favorably on the subject. The nearly straight line in the upper chamber and the cartridge in the magazine seems to be responsible for a reliable gun for the bicycle and lust. The frame has a long rod back on the handles, which effectively protects the shooter from the thumb web slide hammer bite or bites. There are several safety features built into the Thunder 380, a slide mounted manual safety and decode cker that blocks the hammer, a magazine safety that prevents firing when a magazine is not put off, a long double-action (DA) first trigger to get, an inertial firing pin, and (in some models) is an integral key operated trigger lock. Some versions also feature an automatic firing pin block.
The Thunder 380 is quite popular in many Latin American countries in particular when the 0380 Auto cartridge is the largest allowed for civilian use. There are a number of military and law enforcement organizations listed Bersa 380 in their arms stocks, including the Ecuadorian air force. In the mid 1990s, the gun was introduced into the U.S. market. Being a relatively unknown foreign imports with an initial selling price well under $ 200, it is understandable that the gun the quality and reliability should be questioned.
Many looked at the Thunder 380 of the low price and immediately associated with cheap U.S. made weapons, like Jennings, Bryco and Lorcin. But I think this gun has a pedigree which is more like a reliable foreign imports, such as Sig-Sauer, Walther or Tanfoglio.
Bersa has now jumped into the 9mm and .45 Auto markets. While these larger caliber models face much stronger competition from a plethora of established quality gun manufacturers, the Thunder 380 is the self in this niche medium caliber class.
SpecificationsCaliber: .380 AutoAction: recoil operated semi-automaticLength: 6.63 inWidth: 1.28 inHeight: 5.0 inMagazine Capacity: 7 roundsBarrel Length: 3.56 inThread: 6 grooves, RH twistTrigger: double actionSights: White 3-dot adjustableWeight without magazine: 17.9 ozWeight with empty magazine: 19.7 ozLoaded weight (a 7 rd magazine): 22.4 oz
FeaturesBlack anodized aluminum frame.Adjustable 3-dot combat style sights.Solid rocker-style hood.Default style magazine release.Slide Decocking mounted lever.