Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deadly Z-10 Helicopter made by China

Army and Weapons | Deadly Z-10 Helicopter made by China | The Z-10 combat helicopter is being developed in China. It's development began in the mid 1990s. Prototype of the Z-10 girl's first flight in 2003. It seems that the first production helicopters were delivered to the Chinese army in 2009-2010. It will be the first dedicated modern Chinese attack helicopter. It is designed with technical assistance from Eurocopter and Augusta.

Primary mission of the Z-10 ant-armor and battlefield ban. It also has some limited air-to-air combat capabilities.
A first glimpse of an Army Aviation B-10 combat helicopter can be seen here. Co-developed by the Institute 602, CHAIC HAMC and the first dedicated attack helicopter for modern PLA Army Aviation since 1998, Z-10 is generally believed in the same class as South African and Italian Rooviak A129, but still not as able as the American AH-64 Apache. The helicopter gunship takes a standard configuration with a narrow hull and stepped tandem cockpits with the gunner in the front seat and pilot in the back. The hull seems to be creeping diamond cross section RCS reduction. It also have a 5-blade main rotor made of composite material and an AH-64 style 4-blade tail rotor. All vital parts of the fuselage with the cockpit and fuel tanks are believed to be protected by armor plates. It weighs about 5.5 tons and was initially powered by two P & W PT6C-76C turboshaft engines (rated @ 1250 kW each).
However, the domestic advanced engines (upgraded WZ-9?) Used in the production batches due to the embargo imposed by the West. The rotor and transmission systems are designed with technical assistance from France, Eurocopter and Agusta. The weapon system can consist of up to 8 KD-8 ATGM launchers in the box under the stub wings and a 23 cannon mounted under the chin, with the aim of using the helmet mounted sight shooter is. Furthermore, PL-90 AAMS can be carried out against enemy helicopters and slow-moving fixed wing aircraft. It can also carry eight newly developed KD-10 ATGM in the same class of the AGM-114 Hellfire. As with AH-64, Z-10 features nose mounted FLIR PNVS and TVDS homes, TV camera, laser rangefinder and designation. RWR antennas and radar jammer installed on both sides of the forward and aft fuselage. In addition, a laser warning receiver installed on the top of the mast on each side.
The helicopter can also be fitted with an integrated communication / navigation system, a comprehensive ECM suite, IFF, chaff / flare launchers, 1553B databus, and a glass cockpit. Two prototypes were built in 2003 and six more were built in 2004. The first flight of 02 prototype took place on April 29, 2003. A number of Z-10 prototypes powered by PT6C-76C engines were evaluated by the army in 2007. In 2009 it was reported that an "optimized" version (S-10A?) Was under development and is expected to start mass production. This version is powered by the less powerful engines WZ-9 (~ 1000 kW) does have its weight reduced by eliminating certain parts, such as smaller and less armor weapon load. So far at least 12 B-10s of the first Party joined with PLA Army Aviation (S / N LH951xx).
The Z-10 helicopter gunship has a standard configuration with a narrow hull and stepped tandem cockpits. Gunner sits at the front and the pilot is on the back. The hull has bevels on radar cross section reduction. All vital areas are believed to be protected by armor plates.
Weapons of the Z-10 may consist of 30-mm gun, HJ-9 anti-tank guided missiles (similar to the TOW-2A), newly developed HJ-10 anti-tank missiles (similar to the AGM-114 Hellfire ) and TY-90 air-to-air missiles. It can also carry rocket pods unoperated.
The prototype of the Z-10 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines, providing a 531 hp each. But indigenous engines can be used on production helicopters. It can be used the same engine of the WZ-9 helicopter, but it is less powerful than the Canadian design.
This helicopter can be equipped with a fly-by-wire control, helmet-mounted sight for head-up display, television and forward-looking infrared sensors, radar and laser warning receivers, infrared jammer and decoy dispensers.
It is believed that the Z10 helicopter attack in the same class as the AH-2 Rooivalk and Mangusta A-129, but it is not as suitable as the AH-64 Apache.