Friday, October 7, 2011

Deadly Rencong - Atjeh Traditional Weapon

Army and Weapons | Deadly Rencong - Atjeh Traditional Weapon | Rencong (Reuncong) is the traditional weapon of Aceh. Rencong other than a symbol of greatness of the nobility, is a symbol of the courage of the fighters and the people of Aceh in the struggle. Rencong existence as a symbol of courage and heroism of the people of Aceh seem that almost every fighter Aceh, equip themselves with rencong as a means of self defense. But now, after no longer lazimdigunakan as a means of self defense, rencong changed into souvenir items that can be found in almost all the typical craft store Aceh.

Bismillah rencong shaped form sentences, the handle is curved and thickened at the elbow is the Arabic script Ba, Sin bujuran handle merupaka characters, form a decreasing taper down in the base metal near the handle is a script Meme, strip iron from the base of the handle until near the end is a script Lam , the tip is tapered and flat plains of the upper and lower sections are slightly up is a script Ha.
String of characters from Ba, Sin, Lam, and Ha realize that's what the sentence Bismillah. So the blacksmith who first made rencong, in addition to clever maqrifat iron also has a high knowledge of calligraphy. Therefore, rencong not used to the little things that are not important, let alone to do vicious, but rencong used only to defend themselves from enemy attack and fight in the way of Allah.
Rencong powerful usually made from iron-iron option, which is coherent with the metal in gold, silver, copper, lead and toxic substances are poisonous, so that if in the battle facing the opponent is immune to the iron man, the person will be able to penetrated Rencong.
Handles are shaped rencong straight and some are curved upwards. Rencong the handle curved upwards called rencong Meucungkek, usually handles are made of ivory and horn options.
Meucungkek form meant to avoid the occurrence of an excessive respect for fellow human beings, because of the intrinsic danger of honor belongs to God alone. That is, if rencong meucungkek inserted waist section or center section, then that person can not bow his head or body membongkokkan to pay homage to someone else because her stomach will be depressed by meucungkek handle it.
The handle meucungkek it also meant that, at crucial moments can easily be drawn from its sheath and will not easily escape from the grip. One thing that distinguishes rencong with other traditional weapons are rencong never sharpened because only the pointed ends are used.
There are four kinds of weapons are rencong the people of Aceh, namely
  • Rencong Meucugek
  • Rencong Meupucok
  • Rencong Pudoi
  • Rencong Meukure