Friday, October 7, 2011

Deadly SwissMiniGun : 2 inch World's Smallest gun

Army and Weapons | Deadly SwissMiniGun : 2 inch World's Smallest gun | The Swiss Mini Gun, produced in Switzerland by SwissMiniGun, the revolver is considered the smallest in the world of work. The gun measures just 5.5 cm long, 3.5 cm high and 1 inch wide, weighing only 19.8 g.

The ammunition used rimfire 2.34mm - also produced by SwissMiniGun. MANswers featuring gun Season 3 Episode 6, What's the world's smallest gun?
The SwissMiniGun 2.16 inches is a replica of a Colt Python, and it's a real gun that shoots tiny bullets that are just 0.35 inches long. This miniature Swiss-made revolver and its ammunition are painstakingly crafted using watchmaking technology.

The bullets of the gun can shoot a little less than 400 feet per second, or a kill at close range as possible. They are just over 0.35 inches. It is hard to imagine that something so tiny and cute could kill someone.
The Swiss Mini Gun small enough to go door-key, making it ideal stealth weapon, which is at the heart of the alert issued by the s United States "Department of Homeland Security in September 2006. But to not fear, the weapon does not meet minimum size requirements to meet "the criteria factoring ATF form 4590" and is not importable.
Type                                      : Rim fire cartridge     Metric English
Caliber                                    : 2.34 mm.               0.092126 in.
Bullet Length                           : 4.53 mm.               0.178346 in.
Bale weight                             : 0.128 g.                 1.9753 grain
Cartridge Length                     : 6.1 mm.                 0.240157 in.
Cartridge diameter                  : 2.34 mm.               0.092126 in.
Rim diameter                          : 2.8 mm.                 0.110236 in
Total length of live ammunition : 9.13 mm.               0.359449 in.
V0 Average                            : 121.8                    399.6 m/sec.- f / sec.
Bullet energy                          : 0.97 J.                   0.7154 ft-lbf