Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deadly Springfield XDM 5.25

Army and Weapons | Deadly Springfield XDM 5.25 | Springfield Armory has added to its popular line with the new XDM XDM 5.25 Competition Series handgun. The XDM is a proven platform with the owners swear by them. It only makes sense that this striker fired pistol same trends as the top competitors such as Glocks and Smith and Wesson M & P Series all models of their competition pistols fired follows.
The new Springfield XDM hosts Competition Series pistols features that lend themselves well to the competitive market with the help of the Springfield Armory's champion Rob Leatham shooter who designed it. For greater accuracy of the new XDM has a fiber-by-frame and an adjustable rear sight, allowing a shooter for a quick sight picture and sight picture to fit his or her preferences. To help reduce recoil and muzzle rise, Springfield XDM Comp 5.25 gave a lighter to cut the weight which in turn reduces the mass is to reduce recoil reduction, and allow the gun to cycle faster. It will be available in 9mm with a black or bi-tone finish, has a capacity of 19 +1 rounds, a total length of 8.3 "and weights 29 grams.
The upper part of the new XDM is where the real changes have been made. This gun has a 5.25 "match quality barrel, extending the sight radius to 7 1 / 4" for more accurate face alignment, while reducing the recoil. The extended barrel and slide gives the gun a 8.3 "total length.
The extended slide lock has a lighter weight to keep the same as the shorter, non-competition XDM to 29 grams. The Springfield XDM 5.25 Competition also has a low profile adjustable rear site and a fiber optic front sight.
The gun is built to be legal for competition in IDPA and USPSA shooting. The production division approval is expected after at least 2,000 weapons have been built (hopefully in the next month), in time for the USPSA Nationals.