Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deadly KRI Dipenogoro, Indonesian Navy Warships

Army and Weapons | Deadly KRI Dipenogoro, Indonesian Navy Warships | KRI Diponegoro (365) is the first ship of the SIGMA-class corvette owned by the Navy. KRI Diponegoro as a corvette made by Schelde shipyard, the Netherlands started in 2005 specifically for the navy. Served as a patrol boat with the ability of the surface anti-ship, anti-submarine and anti-aircraft.

The contract of purchase and manufacture of KRI KRI Diponegoro and Hasanuddin (366) conducted in January 2004 and effective since July 12, 2004. Both are made in the shipyard Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (SNS), Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
Using the name of Prince Diponegoro, one of Indonesia's National Hero who contributed against the Dutch in Java War of 1825-1830. Similarly, the ships of this class, named after the names of national heroes, such as the Sultan Hasanuddin, Sultan Iskandar Muda, and Frans Kaisiepo.
Ordination ceremony to name and KRI KRI Diponegoro KSAL Hasanuddin conducted by Admiral Slamet Soebijanto on September 16, 2006. Naming it, according to some people in Indonesia who attended the ceremony is a symbol representing the President and Vice President. Prince Diponegoro was the hero of Java as the home of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Sultan Hasanuddin representing Vice President Jusuf Kalla, who came from Makassar, South Sulawesi.

KRI Diponegoro weapon system is equipped with torpedoes 244S 3A Mode II / MU 90 which is equipped with 2 types B515 torpedo launchers. KRI Diponegoro missiles mounted on two types of missiles on board, namely:
Anti-ship missiles: MBDA Exocet MM40 block 2 new variants capable of hitting targets within 180 km. Surface-to-air missiles: the latest version of the MBDA Mistral TETRAL. Mistral is a system of short-range air defense missile, which can be used from various platforms, could be from a vehicle on land, ships, helicopters, even with the Stinger-style portable configuration.
The main cannon mounted in position A Oto-Melara 76 mm made in Italy. While additional light cannons mounted in position B Auxiliary Gun 2 x 20 mm Vector G12.
KRI Diponegoro also equipped with electronic weaponry, namely:
Combat management system TACTICOS Thales Thales, a hi-tech company the Netherlands, specialized in the design and production of an integral system for command and control, sensors and communications. This system is known as the Combat Management System (CMS). Thales developed technological advantage has now become a standard defense of NATO.
  •     Data Link: LINK Y Mk2 datalink system
  •     Electronic Communications: Thales / Signaal FOCON
  •     Feeder system: Terma SKWS
  •     The main integration platform: Imtech UniMACs 3000 Integrated Bridge System

The main radar MW08 3D multibeam surveillance Thales, a radar with the G-band, which is a family of 3D multibeam middle distance (105 miles) to the survey, set goals, and tracking. MW08 is equipped with the latest radar technology to detect them all automatically. Radar is also equipped with fire control for gun control against surface targets. It also reinforced with LIROD Mk2 fire control radar
Syistem KRI Diponegoro used Sonar on Thales Kingklip intermediate frequency active / passive hull-mounted ASW sonar.

KRI Diponegoro driving force in the form of a sigma-class vessel is equipped with two diesel engines V28-33D STC (sequintial turbo charging) manufactured by MAN Diesel (Germany) configured V 20 cylinders. This 8900 kW engine power of each propelling a propeller blade that can be arranged tilt gear reducer through a round of one level. Engine weighs 46 tons, measuring length x width x height = 7330 x 2100 x 3180 mm.