Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deadly USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), Gold Eagle

Army and Weapons | Deadly USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), Gold Eagle | The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is the third United States Navy Nimitz class supercarrier named after Carl Vinson, and a congressman from Georgia. Carl Vinson's nickname is "Gold Eagle".
A member of the United States House of Representatives for fifty years, Carl Vinson was twenty-nine years, the chairman of the House Naval Affairs and Armed Services Committee, Vinson was the main sponsor of the 'Vinson Acts, "culminating in the Two-Ocean Marine Act of 1940, for the massive Naval shipbuilding effort during World War II.
The seal of USS Carl Vinson shows an eagle, wings spread and talons extended, carrying a banner in its beak. The eagle is a symbol of the nation and the ship's motto, and also represents the power that resides in aircraft of the ship. The eagle flies in the form of a stylized letter "V", the first of the ship's namesake, Congressman Carl Vinson. The "V" represents the hull when viewed bow-on. Registered on the banner of the eagle carries is the Latin phrase 'Per Mare Fish "which means" Strength from the sea. "
CVN-70 is named after U.S. Congressman Carl Vinson (1883-1981). A representative from Georgia, he was elected as a Democrat to the 63rd Congress and reelected to the 64th Congress and 24 strokes - he served from November 3, 1914, to January 3, 1965. Vinson was Chairman, Naval Affairs (1931-1946), and the Armed Services Committee (1949-1952 and 1955-1964). Few men in American history have made so profound influence on defending the nation.

USS Carl Vinson was the first USN ship named for an American living since around 1800. When she was launched March 15, 1980, Congressman Carl Vinson became the first person in the history of the United States to launch a witness in his honor.
The keel was laid at Newport News Shipbuilding on 11 October 1975 and March 15, 1980 ship launched / christened. Congressman Carl Vinson became the first person in the history of the United States Navy ship to the launch of witnesses in his honor. After the builder sea trials, she was delivered to the Navy on February 26, 1982.

Before Osama bin Laden's body was lowered to its final resting place at sea, the last place on earth to host his remains was reportedly the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.
Asked about the role of the USS Carl Vinson buried in bin Laden, a soldier would not confirm the vessel involvement. But Pentagon officials previously told ABC News and other news outlets that the 30-year-old Navy ship, the ship was indeed responsible for the transport of bin Laden's body to his burial, probably in the Indian Ocean.

In Islam, men are usually buried in the ground, without a coffin, for the following five daily prayers of the period covered. The U.S. government apparently decided that it was risky for bin Laden to a known grave, that's a shrine to the famous terrorist in the world.

Officials said that, in accordance with Islamic law, bin Laden's burial at sea was carried out by a Muslim sailor, who recited the prayers and made sure the body was washed and appropriately wrapped in cloth.