Friday, March 22, 2013

Arctic Warfare .50

Army and WeaponsArctic Warfare .50 | AI Arctic Warfare .50 better known as the AW-50 is basically an improved AI Arctic Warfare to fire .50 BMG caliber ammunition. The AW-50 features anti-reverse system and has adjustable monopod at the back and a folding stock. To mount optics have a MIL Standard 1913 rail machined into the action. The AW-50 is the Arctic Warfare .50, modification of the AS-50 to trigger a bigger housing to fit gloved finger, a small straw bolt to stop the ice from the lock and muzzle brake for reduced recoil and muzzle flash. The AW-50F is the Australian version of the AW-50 with Australian-produced stock and barrel. This is done to take out radar installations, a small, light-vehicles and fortifications. AS-50 and AW-50 variant can use Raufoss MK211 cartridges. This is the standard round for the rifle in Australia.