Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deadly Dassault Rafale

Army and Weapons | Deadly Dassault Rafale | Dassault Rafale is a twin-engine multirole combat aircraft made by Dassault Aviation of the fourth generation of the French language, capable of operating on land or on the aircraft carrier, a duck on the front and delta-shaped wings.
In 1983, Dassault signed a two-Experimental Combat Aircraft (ACX) Demonstration of the French government, and in the 1980s European countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Britain agreed to develop a new fighter plane together, but in 1985 France decided to develop its own planes in the Rafale is a separate unit and other countries to develop other aircraft that finally, we know that the Eurofighter Typhoon .
Rafale A demonstrator prototype aircraft first flew July 4, 1986 to test the basic design of aerodynamic evaluation konvigurasi Delta Duck, resilience, FBW control systems and aircraft structural materials, plans to use the machine Snecma M88-2 turbo delayed because the plane was not ready and finally using a demonstrator machine GE General Electric F404 afterburning turbofan-400 as used on the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, production orders started in 1983, other tests for M88 test preformance engine flying and landing mode before the Rafale A ship will retire in 1994. Typhoon made its maiden flight in March 1994, but the Rafale is a test of various series of three years (Rafale C01, Rafale M01, Rafale B01 first flew in May 1991, December 1991 and April 1993).
Combat systemRafale elektron integrated system named SPECTRA which is equipped with stealth technology with a program based virtual, using passive sensors Thales RBE-2 multi-mode radar and Thales said they had reached tingka t that has not been done before, situational awareness through early detection and target tracking double air for close combat and long-term interceptors, three-dimensional mapping in real time and high resolution for navigation and targeting. Rafale can use several passive sensor systems, electro-optical systems sector of the front or the Front Sector Optronics (OSF) developed by Thales, integrated into the aircraft and work well in infrared wavelengths that appears .
SPECTRA electronic warfare system developed by Thales and EADS France, is the optimization of the aircraft with high survivability assets terhad AP air and ground threats in real-time data link allows communication not only with other aircraft, but also mobile on land and the control center. Rafale also use electro-optical pod of Damocles laser designation for LGB (laser guided bomb) a day, despite the ability of entrusted LGB on the Mirage 2000.
Rafale core systems using integrated modular avionics (IM A) or also called UPDT (Modular Data Processing Unit), this architecture includes all the essential functions of the aircraft as a flight management system includes data fusion, Fire Control, HMI and others. The total value of the protection system radar, electronic equipment and aircraft is about 30% of the cost of production equipment, the ground attack capabilities are limited due to lack of bombs tower, but will be enhanced by the Thales Optronics Reco added recognition NG / Aeros and Damocles targeting pods to F3 standard.
The new radar Thales RBE 2 AA Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar is planned to replace the passive scanner RBE 2, Thales will begin shipping the new radar in August 2010 for the fourth installment of the Rafale, a total of 60 slices four aircraft have been ordered, the first squadron is expected EASA carrier began operations in 2012, Thales said that the AESA radar will improve the operational aircraft in this range, the interceptors and tracking capabilities.
Cockpit with ejection seats (ejection seat) brand Mark Martin Cook R-16E, where his abilities by using the altitude zero speed to zero, the seat is tilted 29 degrees to the back to increase the tolerance of the Force G, hinged canopy open on the right, the system for producing oxygen on board to minimize the use of double tubes of oxygen.
The cockpit includes holographic head-up (HUD) with a wide angle, two-piece flat panel color multifunction (MFD) and collimated the splay at the center, the use of leather gloves lined with silk as a tool in the development of touch input drivers will Setra Head Mount Display (HMD). Stick controller located on the right side and the throttle on the throttle stick to the left and menggabubgkan function (HOTAS) controls, the cockpit of the Rafale is planned using direct voice input (DVI) which allows pilots using the voice command action.
Armament:* Guns: 1 x 30 mm (1:18 in) GIAT 30/719B cannon with 125 rounds.Anchor *: 14 for the Rafale B / C, for 13 Rafale M with a capacity of 9,500 kg (21,000 lb) external fuel and ammunition.* Missiles:Water to water:* MICA IR / EM* Magic II* MBDA MeteorAir-ground:* MBDA ApacheScalp EG ** AASM* GBU-12 Paveway II* AM 39 Exocet* ASMP-A nuclear missile* Other:* Thales Damocles targeting pods* Reco NG reconnaissance pods* Up to 5 drops tanks