Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deadly Mil Mi-17 ( Mi-8M Hip )

Army and Weapons | Deadly Mil Mi-17 ( Mi-8M Hip ) | Mil Mi-17 (also known as the series Mi-8M units in Russia, NATO called "hip") is a transport helicopter made in Russia in production in two factories in Kazan and Ulan-Ude. Mil Helicopter Mi-8/17 is a medium twin-turbine transport that can also act as a combat unit. Mi-17 Soviet designed for the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
DevelopmentDeveloped from the base of cell Mi-8, Mi-17 is equipped with large engines TV3-117MT, rotors, and transmission developed for the Mi-14, and had improved for heavier loads . Engine options for the condition of "hot and high" is the kilowatt 1545 (2070 shp) TV3-117VM Isotov. version of the export to China and Venezuela for use in the high mountains have the new version of the VK-2500 engines with FADEC control.
Mi-17 helicopter only for the export of Russian armed forces called Mi-8MT. Mi-17 can be recognized because it has a tail rotor on the port side instead of right, and protection against dust in front of the engine intake. shorter than the hood on the TV2 engine Mi-8, does not go beyond the cockpit, and to open the outlet valve exhaust is directed toward the front of the exhaust.
The realization of the model vary according to the order, the type of machines, and other options. For example, sixteen units of the new engine is made in Ulan Ude handed over to the Czech Air Force in 2005 with the model of the machine as a variant of the Mi-VM 171Sh is the development of the Mid-8AMTSh. The changes include a new door on the right side, an increase of the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), the arm plate Kevlar around the cockpit and engine. has a loading ramp to the door flap usual and can carry vehicles up to the size of SUVs.
In October reported that the Saudi government has signed a contract for 150 Mi-35 and Mi-17 helicopters worth U.S. $ 2.2 billion.
In May 2008, the licensed production of the Mi-17 began in China with a production directed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC Sichuan Lantian Helicopter and Company Limited, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. plans to build 20 helicopters in 2008, using a kit consisting diUlan-Ude in Russia, production is expected to reach 80 aircraft by year end. Variants to be built by Lantian include Mi-171, Mi-17V5, and Mi-17V7.

Performance :
  •     Maximum speed: 250 km/h (135 knots, 155 mph)
  •     Range: 465 km (251 nmi, 289 mi) (standard fuel)
  •     Service seiling: 6,000 m (19,690 ft)
  •     Rate of climb: 8 m/s (1,575 ft/min)


    up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) of disposable stores on six hardpoints, including bombs, rockets, and gunpods.