Friday, September 30, 2011

Deadly Ruger GP100 revolver

Army and Weapons | Deadly Ruger GP100 revolver | The GP100 is a family / double action revolvers, the line made by Ruger, manufactured in the United States, and in production since 1985. GP100s are the 6-shot design and all-steel construction capable of handling high .357 magnum loads.
Weight: 2.2 pounds (1,000 grams of 4 ", 1300 g 6") The type of the sights and barrel profile affects the weight of the turret. These weights are representative of the most common configurations. Barrel lengths: 3 "(76mm) 4" (102 mm), 5 "(127mm) and 6" (152mm) The run of 5 "GP100 revolver was the result of a special request from a major distributor of Double Action .. The GP100 can be fired by either brought the hammer and then pulling the trigger (aka Single Action), or by just pulling the trigger when the hammer is not cocked.
Maximum effective range: 55 to 110 yards (50 to 100 meters) depending on barrel length, cartridge load, and additional optical sights. Projectiles of this weapon can still be dangerous to several thousand meters from the muzzle under optimal conditions. The quoted range is more a function of the useful range of a typical gun than a statement of the maximum lethal range of the projectiles. 6-Shot .357 Magnum and .38 Special and .327 Federal Magnum 7-Shot.
Triple cylinder. When the cylinder is closed and the gun at the time of firing, the cylinder valve locked in the frame at the front and back of the valve and the cylinder at the bottom of the tap. Disassembles fairly easily into three major modules with limited use of tools. This allows the user to easily clean the gun after shooting. The design of the gun frame eliminates the need for a "side plate", a feature that contributes to the GP100 reputation for strength.
The GP100 is a typical medium-frame double-action revolver. For those who do not know, double-action means that the effort may be fired by the hammer manually, or by just pressing the trigger alone.
It is chambered for the .357 Remington Magnum cartridge, which means it can also use .38 S & W Special ammunition. This is a very versatile chambering, the high power magnum ammunition may be used for hunting and personal defense, while the lower-power special ammunition, usually less expensive and with less recoil, can be used for training and education.
This particular revolver was Ruger's item number KGP141. The construction is stainless steel with a 4 "barrel and adjustable rear sight. It is" full size "as a duty to police the weapon for example. It's great band for walking or fishing or camping" out in the middle of nowhere, especially since Cougar-human encounters are on the rise, as cougar populations flourish because cougar hunting was a few years ago limited. I've even worn these relatively large, heavy and bulky gun concealed in public.