Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deadly Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Army and Weapons | Deadly Dragunov Sniper Rifle  |  SVD Dragunov sniper rifle (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova) The Dragunov, SVD Dragunov in particular, is one of the most popular sniper rifle in the world today. The Russian Dragunov SVD is considered, by collector, being one of the most precious trophy of all time, semi-automatic design Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov rifles from Russia between 1958 and 1963 .. The rifle is considered as the first military sniper rifle with high precision and is widely used by snipers in the countries of Eastern Europe.
SVD bullet Room 7.62 x 54R caliber, with a muzzle velocity of 830 m / sec,This gun can use the Mosin Nagant M1891/30 ammunition, but would be more accurate to 7N1 ammunition designed for SVD rifle. In 1999,7N14 7N1 amunusi replaced by a projectile weighing 151 grains. So far still not been marketed 7N14 ammunition to shoot off ekspor.Jarak SVD reach 1000 meters, but the most effective range is 600 meter.Standar SVD rifle including scope PSO-1 4x24 and a passive infra-red battery-powered filter.
SVD rifle continued to be modernized by Izhmash factory by eliminating the withholding exemptions (absorbing light) on both sides of the receiver. With the way the gun was more effective in using ammunition with higher pressure.
In no particular order, here are the general features of the Dragunov:
1. The length of the barrel
As like sniper rifles, most have a long-barreled Dragunov. Barrel length ranges from 23-24 inches. Note that there are several modern production Dragunov carbine with a shorter barrel but it is certainly not a sniper rifle because of the loss of power and accuracy of the cause of the short barrel.
2. Semi-Automatic
All rifle Dragunov is a semi-automatic. This means that every pull of the trigger fires one shot.
Semi-automatic firearms are intrinsically less accurate than the bolt-action firearms. However, the world's most modern armed forces have been transferred to a semi-automatic sniper rifle because of the speed of the second follow-up shots and the ease of reloading.
3. Magazine-fed
Dragunov is published by a magazine inserted into the bottom of the receiver. Magazine containing rounds of 50-10 each.
4. Skeletonized stock
Nearly all styles have stock skeletonized Dragunov rifle. This means that the shares (the timber was held for the user's shoulder) is not a single solid unit. Instead, he has cavities or missing a big part in it.
Some Dragunov rifle-type folding stock. This is not a characteristic found in most sniper rifles. Fixed, or non-folding, stock type is more rigid, and preferred by snipers and other long-term shooter.
5. Scope
Sniper rifles have always had an optical aiming device (aka "scope") installed on top of them. All styles come with a Dragunov rifle scope optics attached to the receiver.
Other types:
Russia-Snayperskaya Vintovka Skladnaja Dragunova (SVD): Airborne version, ikembangkan in the 1980s. SVD has the handle of tubular metal that can be bent to the right. there butt folded position, the rifle can not be fired, the barrel length of 90mm.SVU: bullpup version of the SVD with the barrel of 520mm, equipped with a bipod and flash / sound suppressor.SVU-A (SVU with selective fire capability).  Dragunov Tiger: a civilian version of the SVD.
Chinese-Type 79: Imitation SVD-made Norinco.Type 85: Completion of Type 79.NDM-86: Export version, available in caliber .308 Winchester or 7.62x54R.IRAQ:Al-Kadesiah: SVD versions IraqPOLAND:SWD-M: versions of modernization with a heavier barrel, bipod, PCO LD-6x42 scope.