Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deadly Khukuri or Kukri Knife

Army and Weapons | Deadly Khukuri or Kukri Knife | Khukuri or kukri is a typical blade nepal a fairly heavy and has a curved (bent) typically used as weapons and equipment daily. This knife is a knife rtradisional Nepali people are heavily bent and used as weapons and equipment. He is also a weapon and a symbol regimen Gurkha fighters. For many people, he only identified as "Gurkha Knife". He usually has a thicker rear side and it looks like a cross between a knife and hatchet.
His name is called Khu-Khoo-ree, although khukuri khookree is more appropriate translation. Kukri is the most recognizable and popular spelling. (hereinafter referred to as the tongue kukri West),
Gurkha kukri used by troops in battle of the Anglo-Nepal and also during World War I and World War II. The people of Nepal to use your knife since the age of five years. Gurkhas, renowned as a brave army who have used the kukri knives as weapons during the war with the United Kingdom.